Children books by Muslim authors 

Who else wishes they had a ton of books written by Muslims when they were young? So happy for this new generation who will have a the chance to read such great books!I honestly don’t remember reading or owning any children books written by Muslim authors or who had Muslim characters. 

I recently put this photo on my Facebook account and got tons of interest so I want to do a giveaway! So easy to enter:

1- like my new Facebook page. Click here

2-comment on the giveaway post which book you would like to win 

3- tag a friend who would also be interested in winning a book!
Anyone can enter but must reside in the US. I’ll choose a winner at the end of the week

Here are the titles of the books:


  • Ilyas and Duck: fantastic festival by Omar Khawaja 
  • Lailah’s Lunchbox by Reem Faruqi
  • The Magic Words by Lisha Azad
  • The Apple Tree by Mariam Alkalby
  • Jariya Jar by Aisha Mohammed
  • Bismillah Soup by Asma Hussein
  • Yasmine’s Belly Button by Asma Hussein
  • Adventures with Yousef by Dana SK 
  • Noor Kids discover their blessings 
  • Princess Sayana’s Pen by Zainab Merchant
  • How Big is Allah (in Arabic) by Emma Apple

I pan on doing indiviual reviews for some of  these books as well! 

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