Toddler Travels: Thanks lady on airplane for your kindness 

Traveling on an airplane is stressful. Add two airplanes, three airports, jet lag, three countries, and two kids under 3. Major stress. Add being an Arab. You get stares, extra security checks, and people shifting uncomfortably in their seats hoping you (Muslim/Arab) won’t sit next to them.

We were out of the country for two weeks and on the 8 hour flight back home was chaotic and stressful. 

But I want to share a gesture one of the passengers sitting next to us did.  My toddler fell asleep on her seat and we were tried to shift her so she can sleep comfortably. The lady sitting next to her insisted that my toddler rest her dangling  feet on the lady’s lap so that she’s more comfortable. And she did for a good couple of hours. It was such a sweet gesture that made the long trip a tad bit less stressful so did didn’t have to worry about her waking up or shifting uncomfortably. 

So thank you stranger lady for letting our toddler rest her little feet on your lap so she can sleep comfortably on an international flight. 
Photo of the nice lady. 

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