Toddler Travels: healthy-ish snacks on long flights

Let’s face it. Toddlers can be picky eaters. Now when you’re on a plane thousands of miles away from home, your toddler might not like the gourmet food served on the airplane. Packing snacks for flights is essential-especially long flights. My tips are for toddler-friendly snacks on the plane: 

  • They should be small and don’t take up much space 
  • Don’t make a lot of noise 
  • Keeps them happy 
  • Possibly keeps them entertained 
  • Yummy 
  • Be aware of how many ounces it is (if it’s liquid) for when you go through security 
  • Somewhat heathy-ish so the toddler isn’t high on too much sugar and running up and down the tiny aisles at 2 am while getting death stares from jet lagged parent-less humans. 

Here are some of my toddler’s favorites when we travel on the plane. 


Annie’s makes some great fruit snack (no gelatin). Great for treats   

We love Justin’s snack packs. They’re basically pretzel sticks and some kind of nut butter (they have almond and hazelnut). This will keep the toddler entertained for some time too since they love dipping. Make sure wipes are on hand. 



Other favorites include raisins, crackers (put them on the top of your carry on so they don’t get squished which will lead to a toddler tantrum), fig bars (we love this kind from Costco), dried fruit (again we love these kinds from Costco because of the handy pouches they come in). I always hide something unhealthy and loved by toddlers (i.e. Chocolate, lollipop) just in case you really need to reward your toddler (or bribing her to sit down and fasten her seatbelt during takeoff and landing). 
What are you favorite snacks for toddlers while traveling? 

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